Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Commuting in Commuter Family

Our decision to be and to stay (for now) a Commuter Family has not been a decision made lightly.

One of our scenarios has played out. What if someone in our family has a serious health issue? We felt  our Dallas community and our breadth of meaningful relationships with both people and institutions (schools, Temple, work, medical facilities, etc.) would be important. As it has turned out, it is more help and support than we could have possibly imagined.

The flip side, of course, is that Commuter Husband is in Houston. That part is hard.

The tremendous reality that this healing process is going to take time and more time and more time has hit full force in this 3rd week. I am working hard to employ patience - a quality that does come easily for me. The surgeon's nurse gave me an interesting list of things to start doing to restore my physical health. One of the more surprising items is to shoot baskets - yes with a basketball! So I must prioritize and make time for self-care these next few months.

And as these realizations have surfaced, our household felt the reach of our Houston community. Commuter Husband's boss extended the option for Commuter Husband to work remotely some Fridays and Mondays in Dallas in February. I literally cried as he told me on the phone this morning.

Commuter Husband will be home Thursday night this week. Oh happy day!

Flowers from Commuter Husband's employer in Houston.

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