Saturday, July 25, 2015

Driving is More Than ...

Earlier I was in the backseat when Oldest Son asked Commuter Husband what he thought of TPP. A quick iPhone google search told me this is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Then we discussed the recent Onion article on Iran and Israel. Then the conversation turned to baseball and who would buy the ice cream at the Braums' drive through. And an hour ago during dinner at the Flying Fish, we were in an animated discussion on the recent allegations against Planned Parenthood. 

So , what exactly are we doing tonight? We are passengers while Oldest Son drives us around getting his daytime and nighttime drivers education hours. Oldest Son is doing online drivers education which is parent directed.

We are certainly teaching our 15 year old to drive but the real teachable moments are embedded in the 32 captive hours in the car. The conversations jump from current events to jokes to school to food to sports to driving instructions and on and on ... we also have laughter and sarcasm and yelling and teasing and opinions and on and on ...

Occasionally we get these gems from Oldest Son the Teen: "One of my biggest pet peeves is when people tell me to do what I am already about to do." Of course, this statement prompted Commuter Husband to purposely provide obvious directions just to annoy Oldest Son because ... well ... that is what fathers do with sons.

Good times. Truly.

Oldest Son learning practical skills such as putting gas in the Prius at Quicktrip.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Sometimes motherhood takes a seemingly comical turn. This morning I am faced with an odd decision.

We are going through the last stages of our remodel (yes - that remodel that started January 2014) and disposing of stuff. Since Oldest Son and Youngest Son have transitioned from "sweet little" boys to "are they nuts" teens, we are disposing of many of their childhood items. As the lone female in the house, I seem to be the only one bothered by this activity.

Which brings me to today's decision: what do I do with their baby teeth that I have kept in a drawer since 2006? Commuter Husband suggests without hesitation that I throw them away. He is right of course.

But I am thinking of .... those excited faces when a bloody tooth presented itself and the day Oldest Son lost two teeth in one day and when Youngest Son finally lost his first molar! In the USA, we were visited by the Tooth Fairy and in Mexico we were visited by the Tooth Raton (translates rat and I am serious.)

So today I simply shove them back into my drawer ... it is not much space in my house but a considerable spot in my heart (crazy I know.)
The Stack of Teeth 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Movie Night

Tonight was risky ...

Me enthusiastically "Do you want to go to a movie with me tonight?"
Youngest Son with no emotion "What movie?"
Me with matter of fact voice "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl"
Youngest Son immediately "No."
Me with slight lilt "It is better than sitting at home doing nothing."
Youngest Son with resignation "Okay."

With sincere excitement, I purchased online tickets from a theater with those amazing reclining red leather chairs. I packed up a couple small fleece blankets and off we went. With a medium popcorn, sour candy, chocolate covered raisins and a bottle of water, we snuggled in to watch the previews.

Previews are always fun. There is something universally appealing about watching trailers and making judgements. There are always the whispers of "I want to see that" and "that looks good" and "I have no interest" and "no way."

Then the main feature begins and there is that small jolt of a anticipation arrived.

I shared tonight's movie experience with Youngest Son newly turned 13. There was crass humor and rough language. There was hysterical laugh out loud parts. And Youngest Son checked my reactions as tears rolled down my face.

My 13 year old says this movie and the actors should be nominated for Academy Awards. We discussed the character development on the way home. Which character was developed best? Which part was best cast? Ed Sheeran's song Photograph came on the radio and Youngest Son comments that it [the song] should have been in the movie.

Youngest Son with maturity "That is the best original movie I have seen."

Tonight was risky. Tonight was great.