Saturday, April 28, 2012

And It Begins ...

Commuter Husband, Oldest Son, Youngest Son and I have concluded Week One as a Commuter Family.

As expected, this was a very tough week. Oldest Son and I both agree Wednesday was the worst.

We discussed our week at breakfast Saturday morning where I made the homemade biscuits (that is NOT a typo!), Oldest Son cooked the turkey bacon and Commuter Husband made the eggs while Youngest Son watered the outdoor plants.

I prompted this conversation with "Tell me one good thing and one bad thing about Daddy commuting this week."

Youngest Son dead panned "There is nothing good about Daddy commuting."

Well ... that is not completely true but from a 10 year old perspective, I get it.

We are thankful for ...

  • Commuter Husband was welcomed graciously and with love into his sister and brother-in-law's home where he will stay for a few weeks
  • I totally appreciated the yummy prepared meals Commuter Husband left us
  • I added Afternoon Nanny help for late Mondays so Youngest Son does not have to go out to Oldest Son's later night activities
  • Carpool Partners are covering an afternoon pick up and helping on mornings when I have early meetings
  • Youngest Son had a raging case of Poison Ivy and he took complete responsibility for administering creams all over his body, taking oatmeal baths and tracking his Benedryl doses with the school nurse and me.
  • Corporate Benefits!!!!
  • Flexible, honest, loving and understanding kids ... xoxoxoxoxo

The Weekend. It was really, really, really short.

The fun stuff was Commuter Husband spending a couple hours playing baseball with the boys Saturday morning. We went with good friends to see Bully Saturday night. (All parents, educators and older kids (10+) need to see Bully - powerful, intense and just plain sad.) On Sunday, I took a couple hours of personal time with a kindred spirit.

We are in Transition. Transition is Hard. I think overall we did pretty well and we are being realistic, hopeful and patient.