Who Are We?

Our family has decided to become a Commuter Family. Mommy with Commuter Husband will manage two boys in Dallas during the week while Commuter Husband works in Houston.

Commuter Husband

Commuter Husband started a new job with an Oil & Gas Company in Houston on April 23, 2012. He has been the primary caregiver and an amazing father for our two boys since 2007. Big Change. Job great!

Oldest Son

Oldest Son was born in 2000. He is fluent in Spanish as a result of going to school in Mexico during 3rd grade. He plays baseball, basketball and fencing and loves front yard football! Oldest Son is a read-a-holic. He always tries to do the right thing and wants to please those around him. Big year for him since he will be having his Bar Mitzvah in Israel in December 2012! (Bar Mitzvah Done!) Now in Upper School doing Cross Country and Debate as well the normal subjects.

Youngest Son

Youngest Son was born in 2002. He is also fluent in Spanish as a result of going to school in Mexico during Kinder Tres. He plays baseball and soccer wants to play lacrosse too (now playing!) Youngest Son is full of interests including singing and acting. He volunteers at the local no-kill animal shelter and takes care of his mouse Scruffy (Scruffy no longer with us ...)

Youngest Son is full of life!! And now he has completed his Bar Mitzvah too.

Mommy with Commuter Husband

Me. I often ask myself who I am. Today I am the mother of two boys and have a husband who commutes in and out on the weekends. I have worked as an independent consultant since 2004. I mostly do project and program management for corporate groups like HR, Legal and Communications who are connecting their business processes with technology. I love to have adventures with my family. I am socially liberal and have to work hard to be tolerant of those who are not. I am an "experience junkie."

Afternoon Nanny

Clearly, I cannot work full-time without afternoon help with the boys. Our Afternoon Nanny is in her mid-twenties and going to college to become a bi-lingual teacher. She immigrated with her family from Guatemala when she was 8 years old. Afternoon Nanny speaks Spanish with the boys to support our efforts to raise bi-lingual kids. She is sweet, fun and super duper flexible! As of August 2013 - doing it without an Afternoon Nanny - wish me luck!


  1. Hi Commuter Family, I found your blog after I googled "commuter family". My family and I just started on a very similar adventure. I am the Commuter Mom and my Hubby is the Dad with a Commuter Wife. We have three boys (ages 12, 10, 6). I took a job in NJ while my family lives outside of Boston. I go home on the weekends! We just reached out 1 month 'versary and we have been surviving. It's not easy. Your blog was nice to find, always good to know you are not alone! Happy New Year. All the best in 2014! I might begin blogging to keep my sanity.

    1. Hello! There are more and more of us I believe. We will be at 2 years this April and expect to to maintain this lifestyle indefinitely. Not easy is good way to put it - and chaotic! However, we have made it work. Let me know if you start a blog so I can follow :)