Friday, January 4, 2013

Last Day in Israel

Wednesday - Our last day in Israel

Temple Blog Link for lots more including video of Youngest Son at Ammunition Hill

Our journey to Israel concluded with another meaningful day. At 8am, Holocaust scholar, Shalmi Barmor spoke to the group about how the Holocaust impacted Israel in the years immediately after (before 1967) and then the generation that fought in the Six Day War (1967+). Fascinating.

We then elected to go to Ammunition Hill versus Yad Vashen (the Jewish National Memorial to the six million victims will wait till our next trip when boys older.) Ammunition Hill was the site of one of the most important battles on June 5-6, 1967 for the unification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War. Between the video/laser graphic show and our guide, the reality of this tremendous battle brought tears to almost all in the group.

During movie, that model of Jerusalem came to life with colors and lines showing the battle logistics and movements.
Youngest Son. Israel Flag. Wow.
We then had our last falafel in Mananeh Yehuda Market - the shuk.
The colorful and fragrant spices of the shuk.
Commuter Husband and boys walking through the market.
No trip is complete without taking local public transport so we successfully bought tickets and boarded the Jerusalem train for one last visit to the Old City. So proud of ourselves!
Youngest Son reading sign on how to get train tickets as Orthodox gentleman completes his purchase.
And our final walk back to the hotel ... along the Old City wall, beside the Valley of the Shadow of Death ...
The Old City Wall to the left and see the Montefiore Windmill on upper right built in 1857.
The Valley of the Shadow of Death. Our hotel built on the right side. Completely and utterly surreal.

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