Friday, January 11, 2013

The Painting

It was between seeing Titanic, the movie, and getting pregnant with my first child. I was both inspired by the titillating scene of Jack drawing Rose and anticipating the ravages of childbirth on my body.

So I decided to get my own painting. I thought Commuter Husband would like it. I was 33 years old.

I knew "someone" who was an amateur artist. I inquired with him on how I might accomplish my own painting. He had the perfect solution. He was part of a class that used nude models who actually got paid a small fee. I could pose and then buy one of the paintings at a reasonable price. I brushed aside that "this someone" was also a work colleague.

The sitting consisted of me posing on two occasions. There are certain experiences which create a liberating sense of self. Entering a room, removing your clothes and being posed in front of 8 strangers (one being a work associate) qualifies for one of those times.

I surprised Commuter Husband with this daring and romantic gesture. Well ... let's just say my husband was not thrilled. I obviously did not anticipate his reaction nor did I completely understand his varied reasons for that reaction.

The 3ft by 2ft full-frontal nude went in the closet for a cooling off period. Eventually, I pulled it out for display in our bedroom. During our year in Mexico, the neighbors housed it - I did not ask how or where.

It currently hangs in our master bathroom. So yes, that is me if you ever wondered.

And now, I am pretty damn glad I have The Painting ...


  1. Funny! We thought of that the other day!

  2. Having recently archived about 500 of my father's, isn't it appropriate that they're called "life drawings?"

    1. So very, very appropriate!

      I would love to see some of your father's ...