Sunday, January 6, 2013

Love in Our Bond

Seven girls women gather in the favorite meeting place in Fort Worth. There are party favors. Several are dressed in the theme of the occasion. Multiple conversations start and stop like ping pong balls bouncing across the table. There is a group picture, of course, with a mat signed in fat pink sharpie with clever comments and endearing sentiments. A thoughtful souvenir for the guest of honor.

The women have been friends since they started college ...  almost 30 years. We all agree we look great and isn't it funny how men age more quickly? All be it, our collective list of ailments starting at age 40, and then again at age 50 for some, might betray our mental youthfulness. But, as we giggle and drink and gossip, we definitively are still the young women who shared so much when we started our adult lives together.

The theme of the night is Pink. How ironic. 

Pink is the color of Phi Mu, the college sorority that binds the seven of us. And pink is the color that represents breast cancer. The guest of honor is the first of the group to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

This party is a Bye Bye Boobs Breasts Party. The party favors set the mood for a celebration of women, of choices and of friends. The koozies say "save the ta-tas" as do the hot pink magnetic car appliques.
As with many women, how we dress says allot. One friend dresses in pink plaid while another wears a humongous sparkly heart necklace with the familiar pink ribbon. Then, there is the friend who goes commando baring what nature did not give her: wearing no bra and a tight shirt reveals what the guest of honor will look like in eight short days. This friend looks beautiful and it is not so bad (seriously.) She reminds us that sleeping on your stomach is a total advantage (really.)

Mostly the boisterous conversation is about catching up on the usual topics of kids, work, indulgences, travel, health, etc. The common theme for this array of women is strength. A-type personalities abound. Mutual respect runs high. Clever, funny commentary is the norm.

But the discussion turns serious at points. We hear about the mothers of these lovely women who have survived breast cancer. There are questions which include the whys surrounding the choice of a double mastectomy. There are eyes that tear up with genuine caring. The tears that started before this gathering for their sister.

The end of the night brings hugs that are just an extra bit tighter and longer than usual. The Love in Our Bond is readily felt by the one of the group who appears confident and strong but has a cancer growing inside.

Thank you to my dear lifelong friends for being there last night and through out the many years and in the days to come ...
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