Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You're Done

Dr. Knox: "You're done."

Me: With obvious happiness "That was exactly the goal of this treatment path." 

Commuter Husband: Sweet smile with tears in his blue eyes.

I am Done because ...

  • No additional types of cancer found in the final pathology report so no oncologist and no chemotherapy
  • No radiation and no tamoxifen (hormone drugs) because I chose a bi-lateral mastectomy (versus a lumpectomy)
  • No more medical procedures or risk of additional infection because I chose no reconstruction
  • Drains were removed from both sides this morning! I get to shower tomorrow - oh the small pleasures.
However, this does not mean I am done healing. I still have fluid accumulation that my body will need to learn to absorb and I could possibly have issues - some women do. I must exercise my arms to avoid scar tissue and tightness. I am actually more sore, sensitive and tired today than any other day so far (the doctor says this is normal.) While I can move about, I cannot exercise normally for another couple weeks and it will take months for my chest to completely heal. The surgical site still looks bruised, swollen and lumpy. I have a follow up in one month to make sure the healing process is going as it should.

Emotionally I feel really good right now. I have left the house and started dressing my lesser shape. Soon I will probably need to go buy some new clothing basics. I expect to live flat but we will see.

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