Friday, January 18, 2013

The Week

Since arriving home Tuesday, I have attempted to be low key for both physical and mental healing.

I have been out of the house twice this week (short notice drivers appreciated.) Brief outings which necessitated clothing selections. I opted for the layered approach of a t-shirt, a nice sweatshirt and a casual scarf (in the scarves passed my way this week!) Either people are really, really nice or I actually looked okay. I suspect a bit of both in play.

Physically, I am still working the dreaded drains. I am not in real pain - just sore and uncomfortable. I finally slept through most of the night.

The first real look at my chest with no breasts brought on a faint, sick feeling. I had to sit down. Commuter Husband was right there still standing. I looked again today and it was not as startling. Again, Commuter Husband was right there with all the right words.

Mental space has been important. Bits of time to reflect and to just be.

But living life has been important too. We have shared much anticipated family dinners (thanks to all our wonderful friends.) We have done the things you do to keep a household functioning. We have smiled and laughed this week just like all our other weeks. We are talking about future adventures.

This was not a normal week but that is okay. We are supremely grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love and support that has helped make it a bearable week.

In a gift basket today ... I agree but not always so easy ...

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