How Does It Work?

How the heck are we going to make this work. Our guiding principles are ...


I should really label this Family. We simply could not do this without the support of our Friends. Support can mean carpool, shuttling and feeding kids, etc. But the real meaning is in the emotional support and understanding when we drop the ball, function in utter chaos and are reduced to tears.

Week Day Communications

We have joined the ranks of Skype users. Three accounts are set up for Commuter Husband, Mommy with Commuter Husband and the boys. So far, we are set up on three computers and two smart phones. We definitely Skype every evening and some mornings. Turns out we do not Skype much anymore.

As expected, we also have smart phones and texting. Oldest Son and Youngest Son do not have phones yet but suspect these new commuter logistics will force us to expand. We have officially expanded with iPhones for both boys - it was inevitable with this crazy life.

Travel & Housing

For first three transition weeks, Commuter Husband will drive back and forth. Drive is about 4 hours. Commuter Husband will also be staying with Commuter Husband's Sister and Brother-In-Law for first few weeks. Actually it now gone to several months. Now permanently housing with Sister when in Houston - thankful.

A Southwest $118 flight is the same cost as gas. After Week 3, Commuter Husband will fly Houston to Dallas Friday evening (after 5pm) and Dallas to Houston Monday morning (6:15am flight.) Uh Oh - price has jumped to $148 ... hmmmm ... We bought a used Prius in Summer 2013. This is way more practical means of commuting in terms of time and gas dollars.  

Commuter Husband will be getting an itty-bitty, no frills apartment. Furnishings will be sparse! Internet required.

Commuter Husband Weekend Responsibilities

We have agreed to consciously avoid the Disney Land Dad Syndrome. The boys are at an age where a positive male role model is important.

So we have agreed that Commuter Husband will be accountable for the following on the weekends:
  1. Lawn Work - The boys do the edging, weed eating, sweeping and bagging. Father/Son bonding! We have given this up in Year 2 - yard guy to the rescue!
  2. Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep - Commuter Husband is the cook of the family so he leaves us several prepared meals for the week. This is HUGE for helping us get through the week. We hit this one about 50% of the time.
  3. Pool - Keeping chemicals balanced and equipment running Added Pool Guy to payroll Fall 2013.
  4. Meds for Oldest Son (allergies and minor asthma)
  5. Household Repairs - Fixing toilets are just not my strong suit. We hired a handy man.

Commuter Husband Weekday Responsibilities

Commuter Husband can do a few things remote during the week like:
  1. Healthcare Bills Management - Follow up with claim providers and doctor offices is ever so time consuming!
  2. Travel arrangements - Management of airline tickets

Weekend Fun 

We recognize the importance for focused family time. We will make sure weekends are more focused on being together than taking alone time. We get plenty of alone time during the week.

Oldest Son and Youngest Son Help

One benefit of this Commuter Family status is that Oldest Son and Youngest Son must take on more responsibilities for self-management and in the household.

Oldest Son manages most of his own Google calendar as well as filling out the multitude of forms that seem to be part of a kid's life.

Youngest Son is 100% responsible for mouse care which includes completely cleaning cage weekly. Mouse left this world Summer 2013.

Both boys have chores for pool care, trash detail, dishwasher loading/unloading, lawn work, laundry and other household needs.

Mommy with Commuter Husband

I do everything else - delegating what I can to Afternoon Nanny.


  1. A well-oiled machine. I would expect no less from your family. :)

  2. Believe me - there are lots of squeaky parts!!

  3. Wow, logistically speaking, that is a handful!

    1. It really is - the logistics can be a beat down ... the arranging never seems to end ...

  4. It costs $118 in gas to drive from Houston to Dallas?!

    1. Yes, at the time I wrote this and according to the price of gas. A round trip in a 1999 Ford Explorer is currently $103.38 according to the AAA Fuel Calculator. Note Southwest has also gone up on the round trip flights to $148. We are evaluating other options now. Oy.