Saturday, June 30, 2012

Old Fashioned Chores

Oldest Son not quite sure of next step ...

Situation: Dishwasher not working. Waiting on repairman quote.

Interim Solution: Wash the dishes by hand

Instructions to Youngest Son and Oldest Son: "(1) Clean food off on left side of sink with disposal, (2) wash dishes on right hand side in soap filled sink, (3) rinse soap off and (4) put on towel to dry."

Youngest Son: "Is that the old fashioned way?"

Then ...

Oldest Son completes steps (1) through (3) and then asks: "Now what do I do?"

This A average, Private School educated child does not know what to do with the wet dish?
And we are parents who actually make our kids do lots of chores ... sheesh ...


  1. LOL! That said, my 11yo DD is a demon at cleaning bathrooms! And vacuuming!

    1. Bathrooms - now that is impressive! It just always amazes me when we start new chores with boys what parts we have to teach them. Though I guess "teach" is the key word there - they do not just know how to do things by osmosis :)