Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Suit

Celebrating the Moments. 
Being Thankful.

The Windsor Knot is named after the Edward VIII, The Duke of Windsor. 
The Moment: Commuter Husband standing behind Oldest Son creating a half-Windsor knot with a red tie complimenting Oldest Son's first suit.

Thankful: Commuter Husband is in Dallas today and can show Oldest Son things I simply cannot. 

First Suit. Age 12. Oldest Son.
Being a Commuter Family creates a heightened sensitivity to everything. We choose to see this as an advantage.


  1. Awwwww! They grow up so fast! What was the occasion for the suit? My own 12 year old son will be donning a suit very soon, for his 6th grade graduation.

    Good to see you back in Blogland. :)

    1. Oldest Son is entering B'nai Mitzvah "Season." It is likely he will attend 15+ Bar/Bat Mitzvahs over next couple years.

      It is good to have a perspective to share again in Blogland (although would much prefer to being doing it SOB!)

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