Friday, June 1, 2012

No Guns = Happy

Fridays at Love Field
Tonight on way to pick up Commuter Husband ...

Oldest Son says "You know what makes me happy? No one with big guns on the way to the airport."


Well, this requires some background ...

Our Commuter Family has actually done this commuting thing before ... from Summer 2008 to Summer 2009. I was the one commuting then and it was between Dallas and Mexico. I would leave Sundays and come back Fridays. I did the weekly commute for several months and then was able to commute a bit less frequently while working remote.

Commuter Husband would pick the boys up from school (3rd grade and kindergarten) in Bucerias on Friday afternoons and they would head to the Puerto Vallarta airport. On the way, there would be heavily armed Policia at both check points and in towers. Yes - very large, black, automated weapons. It was amazing how quickly we got used to the scary men with guns -  it was part of our everyday scenery.

I will say commuting to Mexico and coming home to this backyard was amazing ...
La Cruz, Nayarit - View from our master bedroom

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