Saturday, June 16, 2012

1st Trip To Houston

Commuter Husband has traveled back to Dallas seven weekends (3 of those have been via Southwest.)

On Thursday, Oldest Son, Youngest Son and I packed up the 2002 Ford Expedition and headed down I45 for Houston.

Thursday - Commuter Husband's Temporary Home Away from Home
As we entered Houston, Youngest Son did a compare and contrast commentary of Houston to other places we have visited. We arrived in the heart of Houston (Commuter Husband's Sister's home) after exactly four hours on the road to see where Commuter Husband has stayed weekdays for the past eight weeks. 

We had fun a Chinese Dumpling dinner with Commuter Husband's siblings: Commuter Husband's Sister, Commuter Husband's Brother-in-Law and Commuter Husband's Brother. We also dropped in on Commuter Husband's Niece at work for few minutes. Commuter Husband's Sister shared frozen grapes with the boys on her back porch which were "inhaled" by the boys.

So far so great. But Then.

We pile into Commuter Husband's room for a slumber party experience. Oldest Son starts coughing and coughing and rubbing his nose. The Cats. Despite everyone's best efforts, Oldest Son is having an allergic reaction to The Cats. So, we do what all families would do ... Commuter Husband and Oldest Son go to sleep in the Expedition in driveway. Relief is immediate. Problem solved.
Awesome Urban Living & the Expedition that provided dander free nighttime quarters for Oldest Son.
Friday - NASA and Kemah Fireworks
We arrive at NASA by 10am and do not leave until 8.5 hours later. Our family does enjoy a good museum experience! We had the privilege of participating in Lunch with an Astronaut with David Hilmers who had flown four Shuttle missions (wow!) He is simply inspirational and we are fortunate to have been able to meet and talk with him.

We re-fuel with local Vietnamese food and stop at the Days Inn (not exactly luxurious but clean, practical and economical) for quick rest then off the Kemah!

Commuter Husband who lived in Houston in his twenties has never heard of Kemah - seriously? We are going for the Kemah Boardwalk 9:30 fireworks over the bay. The fireworks were stunning and such a fun atmosphere. Kids got cotton candy and funnel cake for desert. Perfect end to a terrific day.
Funnel Cake & Cotton Candy!
It is good to see where Commuter Husband lives and spends his days. It is also good for the four of us to  be together away from the grind of Dallas. 
Very good.
Kemah Boardwalk Fireworks


  1. awww...beautiful fireworks!!

    I hate allergies, and this year they are horrible!! Glad you had the Expedition there :)

    1. It was so cool to watch the fireworks with classic rock playing and the lights of the ferris wheel behind us.

      Poor Oldest Son - his cat and dog allergies seem to worsen as he gets older.

      Our Expedition is a total gas guzzler but I love it. It has miles well into the 6 figures. It has taken us over the border to/from the Mexican Pacific coast several times, up to Minnesota, east to South Carolina and we may drive northwest to Seattle next Summer!