Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 2012 Game Plan - Done.

THREE Hours!!

Commuter Husband and I spent 3 hours today working on logistics planning for the rest of 2012. This included researching, discussing, deciding and planning for priorities & then updating our Family Google Calendar for:

  • Commuter Husband attending 4 of Oldest Son's 7th grade Thursday night football games (Yes, Oldest Son plans to play football!)
  • Commuter Husband being home for Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur
  • Commuter Husband participating in Youngest Son's December teacher/parent/student conference
  • Family weekend camping excursion to Arkansas
  • Temple weekend retreat
  • Commuter Husband taking Thanksgiving week off for family trip
  • Year-end Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel
  • Commuter Husband's email to his boss requesting the time off that we have now planned out - yippee!
  • Booking and paying for 5 more Southwest Flights (9 total flights between now and end of September) 
  • And the ultimate OCD scary moment: I have actually scheduled Commuter Husband to drive morning Car Pool for 5 days in first few weeks of school (Yes, we have a Google Car Pool Calendar - doesn't everyone?)
Our Commuter Family lifestyle requires more forethought - obviously.


  1. Oh wow, aren't we organized!! Love it - is the google calendar, googledo? Or something? I get some invites for that, and ppl LOVE it!!

    1. We are just using the regular Google Calendar where we have set up several different Calendars (Family, Oldest Son, Car Pool) and pull in feeds from school website and holidays. Each are color coded and rights/views vary by Calendar.

      We started using in 2009. It is real time and on our iPhones - love it!