Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Forget" - Word #1 for Summer 2012

In our house, discipline and consequences are constantly evolving. These shifts occur as kids get older, mature and change. Also, Youngest Son seems to develop some kind of resistance requiring frequent paradigm updates!

"The Summer 2012 Consequence for Unbecoming Behaviors
 Look up a Word in the dictionary and write (Spanish) or type (English) two paragraphs (at least 3 sentences each) defining the word and how it applies to your behavior. Use correct grammar. Examples include: respect, honor, loyalty, family, annoying, condescending, insubordinate, contradictory, compassionate, argumentative, etc."

The first offense goes to Youngest Son (of course.) He forgets to strip his bed for linens on washing day and while Afternoon Nanny in charge. Even though I reminded him before I left for work and even though he has been doing this for years. Hmmmm. Guess he is writing a paper on Forget. Youngest Son protests that "this is not fair." I ask him if he wants to write a paper on Fair. Protest ends.

Here is Youngest Son's effort - formatting is exactly the way he did it:


To not remember what happened or what he or she said.
I forgot over night. But I paid the price.
      Next time I will remember by writing it down.
And if I forget to look at the paper we have a problem.
So next time I remember.
And if I don’t I will be in big troubleLLL L

And the next offense goes to... drumroll please ... Oldest Son. And surprise. It is the same word: Forget

Oldest Son writes the following:

To forget- The act of not remembering

            To forget is a verb describing the act of not remembering. I forgot to turn off and on the pool pump. This is an unacceptable display of forgetfulness.
            To help me remember to not forget next time I will put up a sign to remind me. This will remind me because I will put it on my door and I will see it every morning. After that I will never forget again.

It will be interesting to see the Word collection of Summer 2012!

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