Monday, June 25, 2012

Motel 6

Looks okay - right?
We are a family that really likes to go places. However, our travel budget is quite limited thus we are very creative and opportunistic about our travel choices.

Last weekend we opted for Motel 6 in Webster, TX. Commuter Husband convinced me to give it a go and he was right. It was fine. Here is my review with 0 being the lowest and 5 being the highest:

5 -- Price: $59.99 for double beds and then we got another 10% discount for AARP (thanks honey!)
4 -- First Impression: See above - when we walked in, we had a favorable response
4 -- Cleanliness: All looked clean and in good repair
4 -- Television: Flat screen with a few premium channels
4 -- Wireless: $2.99 extra and connectivity good
4 -- Soap: Provided small bars
3 -- Location: 15-20 minutes out of Galveston, an easy and traffic free drive straight up I45
3 -- Bed Linens: Sheets felt okay, pillows not feather but comfortable, bedspread was too light weight
3 -- Size: Decent size room with desk, bathroom small but workable
3 -- Pool: Had one, not fancy but wet
3 -- Clientele: Admittedly, we were a bit skeptical about other guests, made sure to park in well lit area
2 -- Towels: Bit scratchy but it is just a towel
2 -- Food: Looked like some kind of delivery service was available but did not try it, vending machines
0 -- Bathroom Extras: None really - no shampoo, no hair dryer, no lotion

We will try Motel 6 again ... oh my ...

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