Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Toilet

The Toilet Causing The Change
Is it possible that this weekend was even shorter than last weekend?

Game Plan: Commuter Husband drives back to Houston Sunday afternoon.

The Unglamorous Reality: Commuter Husband spends an unexpected 3 hours today fixing toilet when entire inner workings require replacement.

Panic Ensues: Commuter Husband breaks out in sweat on how to get "it" all done before driving out??

Clarity Quickly Arrives: Commuter Husband sends text to me "I am spending night tonight n headed out at 3am"

My Reaction: Relief. Gladness. Commuter Husband will be there when Oldest Son, Youngest Son and I arrive home from our all day VERY fun but exhausting outing.

Post- Script: Commuter Husband says to me before falling asleep "It was worth it to stay just to hear Youngest Son describe his day at Six Flags and tell me the enchilada casserole is not spicy enough." 
(Note: Boys' 1st trip to Six Flags and Commuter Husband made the casserole for us for the week.)

My Reaction: Gut rip.

Things are definitely better. But, I do not think life will be easier till Commuter Husband is flying on the  weekends and kids are out of school. Gotta get through May. Logistics are just plain hard right now.

No sign of Scruffy The Mouse i.e. no droppings ... suspect another trip to the pet store is forth coming.


  1. Scruffy FOUND - in my office closet - I heard her "mousing around.". Noah and I trapped her in a plastic box!

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