Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Reading

2012 Summer Books

No, this is not about the school reading lists for the Summer. This about the kind of reading that lights up the eyes of Oldest Son and Youngest Son.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia - This will be the twin to the Marvel Encyclopedia Oldest Son purchased at the Smithsonian last Fall. Oldest Son has had the Marvel Encyclopedia open multiple times a week since last Fall (no exaggeration.) His smile popped immediately at the sight of this book. I am sure we will hear the merits of DC versus Marvel debated in our Summer household!

Time Almanac 2012 - I have been purchasing these for years ... the boys love them. Commuter Husband grabbed this one first and started reading - classic.

Guinness World Records 2012 - Youngest Son opened immediately and started flipping through the pages ... looking for the cool new record.

The Oxford Dictionary - While we have at least 10 Spanish/English dictionaries in the house, we had no English dictionary. Youngest Son responded with a breathless, "it's about time" Thank You upon seeing this book. It is already sitting on his desk.

Boy's Body Book - Target audience is Oldest Son, age 12. Enough said.

We are not total book geeks (well we kinda are) but we also have fun ... Summer staples also include water shooters and balls!

Pool Toys
Mommy with Commuter Husband Note: All these items were a total bargain at one of those hallway book fairs at work. I admit that I cannot resist buying books. My guilt is somewhat alleviated since they are for the boys ... says the addict ...

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