Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Hours Are Our Enemy

Commuter Husband says "This was the worst week yet."
Me "The week or weekend?"
Commuter Husband "The weekend."

Agreed. Even before he said this, I had thought earlier today "The Hours are our Enemy."

What to do? Nothing really. We just need to make it through May.

We did get really good family time this weekend.

  • First Fencing Tournament (15 hours): Commuter Husband drove from Houston to Austin on Saturday morning to meet Oldest Son at airport. Commuter Husband shared a special experience helping Oldest Son through his first fencing tournament (who had a great showing.) They then drove from Austin to Dallas Saturday afternoon.
Oldest Son on right in motion ...
  • Lord of the Rings (9 hours): We watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Commuter Husband here for Saturday and Sunday viewings. Perfect movie for 10 and 12 year old boys and their parents: lots of action (i.e. battles and gore), good versus evil, bit of humor, a variety of creatures (many frightening) and a little romance (for Mommy with Commuter Husband.) Not as good as books (of course) but terrific entertainment!
  • Mother's Day (1/2 Hour): Breakfast in Bed with kolaches from West and kid made gifts - very, very sweet
  • Baseball (2 hours): Commuter Husband watched Oldest Son's baseball practice and played with Youngest Son on the side. Coach even said Youngest Son could be bat boy at Oldest Son's next game - nice coup!

But, the Awesome Family Time meant less Chore Time ...
  • The BIGGEST "TO DO" COMPLETE (2.5 hours): Get Scruffy the Mouse a new non-escapable home!! After several trips to pet store, consultations with the internet and pleas from me to get it done Today, we settled on a glass aquarium. Scruffy and Youngest Son seem happy and I am definitely happier.
Scruffy's New Home - Please No Escapes!
  • Lawn Work (Commuter Husband & Boys) and Paying Bills, Laundry & Other Stuff (Me) (Several Hours) - Done
  • What did not get done (Zero Hours)? No grocery shopping and prepared meals for the week which is the most helpful thing Commuter Husband does. Guess we will be having pizza and sandwich nights this week ... that will work.
The Big Finish for Monday Morning: Commuter Husband will be up at 3am to drive to Houston to be at work at 8am and I will be up at 3am to complete work due at 8am. Ugh.

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