Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy vs Stress vs Happy

So how are things in Week 4?

Are we Busy? 
Oh My Gosh. Busy is at an all time high. Busy in the sense of just getting through basic everyday life and commitments. But we are managing ... nothing too drastic has not been handled.

Are we Stressed? 
Of course we are stressed. Arranging all the moving logistics, settling into a new job, making many important life decisions and adjusting to new roles is stressful. 

Are we Happy?
Oddly enough  - I believe the answer is Yes. 
  • There is the obvious financial relief of two incomes. 
  • Commuter Husband is back in the stimulating world of full-time, daily adult interaction, challenging decisions and professional fulfillment. (Thursday was a very good work day)
  • Kids adapt. While Oldest Son & Youngest Son do miss Commuter Husband, they are still well adjusted and happy kids looking forward to Summer.  
  • Me? I am definitely enjoying the additional time I have with Oldest Son & Youngest Son. And I am working on defining who I am as a mother, wife and individual in this new space. The reality is that change energizes me and I got a big ole dose of change ... stay tuned ...
And ... 
Scruffy the Mouse has not escaped this week!! Woo Hoo!!!!!
We have managed to not starve this week and only had pizza once :)
I can now unclog the toilet efficiently (I am woman hear me roar)
Commuter Husband FLIES home Friday - no more 4-5 hour drives - Thank Goodness.

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