Monday, May 28, 2012

Interview: Youngest Son

I managed to coral Youngest Son (age 10) for a just few minutes to get his thoughts after Week 5:

How do you think things are in general? 
It's working good. I still miss him [Commuter Husband] but not too much.

What do you miss the most about Commuter Husband not being here during the week?
- Fresh, right off the grill cooking
- Not being able to play football in the mornings before school
- Not having him here to tuck me in every night

What has made things easier on everybody?
- Skype. Cause I can see my Dad.
- He comes home on the weekends.

Is there anything that is better?
My Dad is working and earning us money. So we can eat out more and can do other stuff like bowling, Six Flags and Harry Potter land.
(Hmmmm ... I might have a slightly different list for use of $$.)

Would you recommend this to other families?
Yes and No. Because depends what type of family you are. 
(A glimpse of wisdom here.)

What kind of family does it work for?
Families that are into adventures.
(Love this answer!)

What advice would you give other 10 years olds whose parent commutes?
Don't cry. They are going to be home on the weekends.

What has surprised you?

What do you think we should do differently?
Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
(Can you tell Youngest Son's attention span is wavering?)

Do you still feel as much love?
Yes. I do not know how - it is my feelings.

If you had to choose whether to stay in Dallas or move to Houston what would you choose right now?
Dallas - I have friends here, I have a good school and I like my house.

The answers above are not complicated. Kids, especially little boys, tend go with it - whatever "it" may be. But it is still important to ask the questions as we go ... of each other and ourselves.
Look closely and see much of Youngest Son's world: Legos, baseball, basketball, books, art, cardboard and duct tape forts, peacock feathers and many objects of both affection and imagination ... 

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