Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Record Player

Youngest Son's most recent acquisition.
It often feels like technology is changing our lives by the minute. Sometimes we do get a throw back to an earlier time - not necessarily better but certainly simpler.

Today Youngest Son begged me for an antique reproduction record player at the estate sale down the street. He then bargained with the organizers to get it down 65% from the original asking price. I was unable to resist his insistent request especially when he was holding the Roger Williams Fabulous Fifties album and a 1963 newspaper with an article about the Kennedy assassination. Youngest Son had found these three treasures among the multitudes of stuff.

Upon our arrival home, I informed Youngest Son that he must read the instruction manual before using the record player. He proudly completed the requirement. Tonight he placed Side 2 of the record on the turntable, I tucked him in and he fell asleep listening to a popular pianist of bygone times ...

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