Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Oldest Son is a few steps in front ...
Motivation: The reason or reasons someone has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

My 2013 start with cancer has prompted differences in the way I make decisions, decide priorities and live my life. I made the decision to start working on my physical well being and do it at a reasonable pace. I have been walking regularly which is especially fun since I frequently walk with my favorite people. I started using super cool iPhone Apps that track my food and exercise. My health scare, my terrific friends and these Apps have provided motivation.

I new source of motivation surfaced this week. Oldest Son begins 8th Grade Cross Country this Fall. His coach sent out a two week running program for the boys to complete prior to starting school. On Sunday afternoon, Oldest Son and I went to Run On! to get fitted for proper running shoes. This was Oldest Son's first experience with an expert helping him with a shoe purchase. I was excited for him and I am always thrilled to get new running shoes for me!

On Sunday afternoon, Commuter Husband, Oldest Son and I set out on a run. And I have run with Oldest Son daily - it is only 4 days but I am ... motivated. I am not as fast as Oldest Son but we have worked out an approach that involves doubling back on his part. It is not too surprising that I am sore and  Oldest Son is not. My poor hamstrings and then the area where my leg connects to my torso so tender. It is clear I need yoga or a major stretching routine in my life!

It is nice when motivation comes from your child ... very nice indeed.

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