Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Destination: Seattle and Family

I was just talking with Oldest Son last night about the "enjoy the journey and do not only focus on the destination" analogy last night. Our road trip has certainly illustrated that point however we do have a purpose for this route ...

THURSDAY MORNING - Huge, Peaceful Redwoods  
We left this Mendocino Western themed inn Thursday morning to keep heading North. We stayed in the Sweet Shoppe (pink front) room but the boys thought the Saloon would have been more fun - ha! 
Youngest Son is taking a picture of a banana slug on this redwood. 
Oldest Son informed us that the banana slug is the mascot of University of CA  Santa Cruz. He says it is on the Top 10 Worst Mascots list. Who knows this kind of stuff!?!
THURSDAY NIGHT/FRIDAY - Seattle and My Brother's Family

Thursday night, we arrived in Seattle! We are visiting Brother, Sister-in-Law, Nephew(16 years old), Sweet Niece (11 years old), Youngest Niece (8 years old.) On Friday we relaxed and enjoyed Brother's idyllic neighborhood setting. Sister-in-Law grilled steaks for us and served with really buttery potatoes; Oldest Son was in heaven. Neighbors started arriving around 7pm to hang out around the fire pit, toss the  football, play fourscore, ride scooters, etc. The kids played until 10:30PM - these are the best kinds of evenings.

A little bit of Texas on the backyard deck ...
Brother's house and neighborhood gathering around the fire pit.
Oldest Son, Nephew, Youngest Niece and Commuter Husband getting ready to play catch with football.

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