Saturday, August 17, 2013

Daddy Is Under the Raft!

On Tuesday we wrapped up our visit by hanging out with family. Brother and I finished watching Ken Burns' documentary The National Parks: America's Best Idea. And yes we now have the National Parks bug! Did you know there are 58 in America? We will have hit seven of them on this trip!
Brother skipping rocks in Cedar Creek - nice form!
Sweet Niece and Nephew look for the perfect flat rock. Youngest Niece watches Youngest Son's rock splash across. 
Brother still has the moves on Sweet Niece and Oldest Son playing HORSE.
On Wednesday we made our way east to the Sun Valley, Idaho area. The boys' adopted grandmother's family has a home in Ketchum and they generously loaned it to us for a couple nights . Thursday was our big excursion on the Salmon River. Commuter Husband and Oldest Son chose the inflatable kayaks. Youngest Son and I took the raft with our river guide. The scenery was exceptional, the guide was entertaining (and cute too!), the lunch was tasty and healthy, the river was exciting in places and peaceful in others. VERY FUN!!

Well we did have that ONE moment where Youngest Son yelled "Daddy Is Under the Raft!" Actually he yelled it several times. It started when Oldest Son got stuck on a rock in one of the rapids and tumbled out of his yellow kayak. Commuter Husband then followed by flipping out of his blue kayak. Then the orange rafts came through and it was all chaotic and swirling like the cold water around us. Oldest Son got fished out by one of the other raft guides. Our raft tried to help Commuter Husband but we ... uhhh ... missed and that infamous shout from Youngest Son took place "Daddy Is Under the Raft!" Commuter Husband finally surfaced and was rescued by the other raft as well - the same raft that now had the screaming and crying girl yelling she did not want to fall in ...

Alas both kayakers reentered their floating devices and continued down the Salmon River. That story becomes part of family lore - for sure.
Commuter Husband plays horseshoes before we load on the bus to head to Salmon River.
Commuter Husband and Oldest Son checking out their kayaks - good thing they chose the wetsuits and that helmets are required!
Today we crossed Utah to Arches National Park. The rock formations are magnificent. However, we did experience a Commuter Family meltdown. Oldest Son started out grumpy and complaining about his shoes. Youngest Son climbed to places Commuter Husband did not like so Commuter Husband yelled at him and Youngest Son was not exactly obedient. I was frustrated with the lot of them for not be more appreciative in this amazing place. Commuter Husband then got angry and well ... those days do happen on occasion. And then there was the realization that no one filled the bottles or CamelBaks with water - note we are now in desert terrain - oy. We did manage to recover and the pictures are definitely beautiful ...
Perhaps this was the ledge Youngest Son scampered up to that started some of the trouble :) 
Youngest Son maneuvers along ...
Double Arch - really quite the sight. 
Colors. Shapes. Angles.
More. Colors. Shapes. Angles. 
I am the colorful dot in Pine Tree Arch. 
Commuter Husband on trail to Landscape Arch.
Oldest Son and Commuter Husband leaving Tunnel Arch. The Light at sunset.

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