Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mount Rainier!

Commuter Husband, Oldest Son, Youngest Son, Sweet Niece, Brother and I spent Monday at Mount Rainier National Park. The pictures say it all.

NISQUALLY VISTA TRAIL - A 1.2 mile easy hike with views of Mount Rainier and the Nisqually Glacier and LOTS of colorful wild flowers ...
Oldest Son and Youngest Son head down Nisqually Vista Trail with Mount Rainier looming over us.
All those black dots in small pond are tadpoles. Oldest Son and Youngest Son could not resist catching them! 
Our group viewing the Nisqually Glacier.
These gorgeous wildflower photos are taken by Youngest Son with his point-n-shoot:
Broadleaf Lupine
Abundant Broadleaf Lupine
Magenta Paintbrush
COMET FALLS TRAIL - A 3.8 mile strenuous hike up, up, up to 900 foot elevation gain and a 320 foot waterfall, the highest in the park. I wish I could hike surrounded by nature at its best everyday.
Sweet Niece leading the hike through the forest.
Youngest Son perched and waiting for the slower hikers which might be Commuter Husband - ha!
Youngest Son grabbing that one perfect walking stick
Those tiny figures at bottom are Brother and kids approaching Comet Falls - stunning.
The water is literally ice cold.
Brother out in front as the others cross the log bridge. 
I forgot to bring a hair band and it was hot going up that incline. So Brother helped me pull my hair up with a twig!
One of the "smaller falls" in route to Comet Falls.
Brother checking out the rushing water.
Looks like an amusement park ride but it is real ...
Sweet Niece pointing to Comet Falls on Mount Rainier topographic map - our hike's elevation is respectable.  

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