Friday, March 1, 2013

Wake Up Mommy

It is 7:35pm and I am fast asleep on the couch ...

Youngest Son "Mommy, wake up. You need to go get Oldest Son from fencing."

I look up to see Youngest Son. He is standing over me with damp hair and wrapped in his favorite fleece robe that is decorated with baseballs, soccer balls and footballs.

In the hour I have dosed off, my industrious 10 year old has eaten his dinner, finished his math homework, taken a shower and brushed his teeth.

And he has wisely thought to awaken his slumbering mother so his brother will not be stranded at 8pm.

Me "Thank you sweetie."

Whether it is the commuting or the cancer or just getting older, our boys are showing meaningful glimpses of independence, responsibility and care of others ...

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