Sunday, March 31, 2013

Exploring Houston

We entered the New Year in Israel with 36 others. The end of our week in Houston was shared with 3 of those special travelers. This Jewish Houstonian Family of Three welcomed us by sharing baseball, Shabbat and museum district explorations. We are truly grateful for the hospitality and the friendship.

Thursday Night - Baseball!
We watched Rice beat Tulane Thursday night - it was really fun to be on campus and watch great college baseball...
Youngest Son volunteered to do the Dance Cam in THAT wig! It was quite funny.
Houstonian Girl, Youngest Son and Oldest Son behind the plate for Rice vs. Tulane.
Friday Day - Science
The Houston Museum of Natural Science filled our Friday. Houstonian Mom contributed passes to the Cockrell Butterfly Center to our crew. The bug exhibit and butterfly center is extremely well done and we all enjoyed it. Impromptu scavenger hunts brought a fun twist to the learning experience in other parts of the museum.
Youngest Son looking at Spiny Leaf Bug - very cool. 
Youngest Son's snack from the Bug Treat Vending Machine - it IS Passover Kosher.
Oldest Son & Youngest Son  sorting out fossils at Paleontology Exhibit. Snail shells & teeth are major finds. 
Friday Night - Shabbat
Houstonian Family of Three hosted us for a lovely Passover Shabbat dinner on Friday night. Beautiful home, delicious food and stimulating conversation ...
Houstonian Girl lights Shabbat candles and says prayers.  Grape juice for the kiddos, of course.
Good ole fashioned Shabbat fun for kids. Rumors of a bing bag chair & pillow fight too ... hmmm ...
Sunday - Zoo
We hung out around the Houston Zoo Sunday ...
Oldest Son at the Tamandua Talk - a friendly little anteater.
Youngest Son at Orangutan Talk.
Youngest Son, Houstonian Girl & Oldest Son load up while Commuter Husband is the lucky 4th for Paddle Boats!
Sunday Night - Our Last Night in Reverse
Commuter Husband, Oldest Son, Youngest Son and I are settled in for our last night in Houston. Commuter Husband drives to work in the morning and we drive back to Dallas. This week has given us an opportunity to internalize Houston and Commuter Husband's weekday life. We choose to maintain our parallelism for the immediate future ... it seems to be working ... for now.

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