Sunday, March 3, 2013

Working Out of the Hole ... Slowly

I can sit on the couch and see the floor and use the desk!
I am definitely feeling better. It could be the meds or it could be elapsed time - maybe both.

I now have the mental energy to look at the hole. The hole that has gotten deeper and deeper with the things not done. Chores not complete. Notes not written. Work tasks hanging open. Stacks accumulating in each room. Emails gone amok. All those THINGS that repeat over and over and over in my head ... seriously ... I wish I was kidding. Chaos in my physical space makes me anxious.

When things seem overwhelming (and they do) then all you can do is start somewhere (anywhere) and mark something off the list.

Commuter Husband and I cleaned up our office this afternoon. Not perfectly but well enough. A start to be sure. At least we can move our multiple computers off the dinning room table now. Smile.


  1. How are you feeling amiga? I am sorry that I haven't been very active in the blog world lately. Rest assured I have thought of you and your recovery often.... Sending warmest wishes ALWAYS.

    I've been in full on nesting mode at the moment. Can't believe how much crap I had... LOL. Little by little you will get things done!!

    1. Doing okay ... getting better each week.

      Thanks for encouragement - a cheering squad is always nice!

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  3. VERY happy you are getting better each week.... So happy you have such a wonderful and supportive family to help you.

    You can count on me and a ton of other readers/friends for cheering you on!!!

    Hugs :)