Saturday, March 9, 2013

Trying New Things

No home Internet since Thursday. Frustrated and agitated. Ah ... Yes.

Opportunity? Perhaps ... with a gleam in my eye. I have downloaded the Blogspot App. That action required me to reset the Apple password I never, ever remember. Google showed me the way of course.

At this very moment I am typing this out on my iPhone. I think the subject of this post is Trying New Things. Let's see how this post goes ...

Youngest Son was tired of waiting for Commuter Husband to get back from Lowes this morning. More importantly, he got hungry. Youngest Son retrieved the pancake mix box and the iron griddle and then got busy. The second set of silver dollar pancakes were perfect! No help from an adult, the house did not burn down and he avoided a visit to ER. Success for Youngest Son in the Trying New Things category.

Now let's see I can get this posted from my iPhone ... success for me too!

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