Sunday, February 24, 2013

0% to 50% to 80% ...

I have moved into the next phase of healing ... the part that is three to six months out. The surgeon says it takes time. Thankfully she has given me Gabapentin to ease the physical discomfort.

Since my December diagnosis and my January 14th surgery, I have balanced not being at 100%. That has meant adjusting my work hours, declining social invitations, ceasing to volunteer, not returning messages immediately and watching my house move into shambles. Some things have fallen through the cracks. All have lead to my mental discomfort.

But of course, there are umpteen moments of celebration that seek to overshadow the discomforts. The obvious and the most important: no more cancer. And friends and family and community. The daily joys that come with living and learning are ever present.

I will get there. I am past 0% and past 50% and moving past 80% ... three months or maybe six months is the mark.

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