Saturday, February 16, 2013

To Ski or Not to Ski

Energetic Youngest Son headed to lodge for our hand packed lunch.
I skied today with Oldest Son and Youngest Son. I did not make this ski decision till this morning. There are those who think I am nuts. Well, I have found that being slightly nutty can be helpful when finding the new normal after a serious health episode.

Loveland was lovely (I could not resist.) Oldest Son, the skier, was encouraging on the slopes "Mommy, you are doing really well." And I did do quite well throughout the morning on the groomed green and blue runs. Then we listened to Youngest Son, the snowboarder. "Let's cross over ..." he said. Oldest Son and I agreed to his idea. Mistake. Both Youngest Son and I went down in the powder.

It was impossible for me to have the upper body agility needed to pull myself up. I did try though and now Oldest Son and Youngest Son know many more colorful words that they are not allowed to say! The solution was actually easy - I just had to take off my skis, get on my knees and up I went. Oldest Son stood by my side and helped while I  got skis back on and poles in hand.

After our peanut butter & jelly sandwich lunch, the boys skied the mountain on their own while I took a break. Commuter Husband and I were a tiny bit nervous about letting them loose but they did great. I then finished a couple runs with them to wrap up day one.

Just like before the skiing, my chest is sore and tight. I am more swollen with the dreaded fluid build up. We are spending a very restful afternoon and evening in this cozy Silver Plume cottage. I will make another ski decision in the morning.

The snow and mountains were so beautiful and I was quite happy to be riding the ski lifts and gliding over the snow with the boys. Going out into this amazing world and having new experiences are simply part of my core being.
Youngest Son asleep at lodge table while Commuter Husband & Oldest Son load up gear to head out for the day. Snowboarding wore this little guy out ... 

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