Friday, February 8, 2013

Easing into a New Style

I do not like to shop. Commuter Husband certainly does not like to shop. But there we are in the middle of Gap this afternoon. The need for soft clothing to ease the nerve sensitivity across my chest and arms has become a priority.

Poor Commuter Husband - trying to hold the multitude of shirts, reach up to the racks where I cannot, help me pull shirts over my head and then make darn sure he says the right thing when I ask the loaded question "Does this look okay?"

And to hold his wife as she breaks down in tears beside the The Essential Crew t-shirts when it all becomes too much. The moment did not last long but it happens. This is an emotional journey.

The very good news is that I walked out with five t-shirts, two pullovers for layering and a couple button ups that will look great with my new collection of scarves. All for under $200 - woo hoo!

Thanks Gap! Fun spring colors.
Went to LAX parent meeting this afternoon in this new ensemble: Casual shirt with orange t-shirt peeking out and cotton scarf given to me from wonderful friend.
Love this scarf from friend and work colleague!

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