Friday, February 15, 2013

Love is ...

LOVE ...
Starting Our Day
On our flight to Denver this morning, I had a "Love is" moment. Oldest Son was by the window and I took the middle seat next him. It was early so he laid his head in my lap while we slept. When we awoke, Oldest Son immediately inserted his low-tech ear plugs to listen to the plane music and I opened my computer to get some work done.

Then came the moment. Oldest Son took one plug out of his ear and silently handed it to me. I slipped it in my ear and we smiled at each other. Oldest Son with the left plug in his right ear and Mommy with Commuter Husband (me) with the right plug in her left ear. Connected by these skinny white wires, we listened to the pop music together. We felt happy. This small unplanned gesture is Love.

Experiencing Our Day
While I took care of some business in Denver this morning, Commuter Husband and the boys did a guided tour of the Morrison Natural History Museum. Youngest Son had an especially engaging time at the hands-on, small venue. Although, he did bellyache about the kids who arrived to the tour late and were distracting. Warning: do not get between Youngest Son and his fossils!
Oldest Son drilling - see fossil in upper left of rock?
We then journeyed to our wonderful little cottage in Silver Plume where we relaxed by the fire with movies and books. Commuter Husband cooked up a batch of lentils and brown rice. The steaming bowls of - yes - Love. I feel a theme here!
Reading: Youngest Son - The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod & Oldest Son - The Iliad on his Kindle.
From kitchen looking into one of two bedrooms and at the antique buffet. 
Adorable sitting area beside the other bedroom.
We will ski Loveland tomorrow. Loveland is more of a locals destination where lift tickets and rental costs are significantly less than the surrounding resorts. And well it is LOVEland ... perhaps I have a Valentines Day mood carry over ...
I obviously planned this trip prior to the cancer diagnosis. My surgeon and RN approved going. I am finally getting some better range of motion (yeah!) but the soreness, tightness and fluid build-up is the same. That pain and discomfort are ever present no matter where I am - so why not here?

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