Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One Thing -

I am in the between generation. I grew up the old fashioned, technology free way but my adulthood is dominated by technology. My generation starting relying on personal computers a tiny bit in high school, maybe some in college and most definitely at our first jobs.

So I am frequently in awe of the next next big techie thing. I will never be jaded - it is all just too amazing. Social networking is part of this bright new world. The various mediums such as Facebook, blogs and twitter connect us in ways impossible to imagine. We engage with people we have known forever and people we have never met.

Today I cried many tears for a family and a little boy I have never met in person. Zach Guillot has been fighting AML leukemia. He is 8 years old and is currently at St. Jude after two bone marrow transplants in Dallas. His incredible mother Julie posted this on their Facebook page today which I have been following for quite awhile

"We received the hard news yesterday that Zach has not responded to the treatments at St. Jude, and he will not be a candidate for a 3rd bone marrow transplant. We are shocked to arrive at this conclusion, which is much different than we expected when we came here. We knew our chances were slim, but thought we would have an opportunity to take that chance. But, Zach's AML is resistant, aggressive, and has survived two transplants, and the transplant team at St. Jude's believes the process will hurt more than help. Meanwhile, Zach continues to feel well, is energetic, and wants to see his friends. It is hard to tell what Zach realizes at this point, but we have to make the most of his remaining time."
While I do not know Julie and Zach in the usual way, I do know them in this new world where we have the chance to broaden our humanity. I and many, many others feel genuine anguish for this family.

So I will use my social networking and my blog to do One Thing, if you have not already then visit (see top right corner of blog) to register as a potential bone marrow donor for all those fighting for the next day...a free, fast cheek swab is all it takes ...