Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fort McKavett

On Wednesday, in route from Eldorado, TX to Lake Buchanan, TX, we stopped at Fort McKavett State Historic Site.

Surprising fact #1: The Buffalo Soldiers were stationed here.

Surprising fact #2: Colonel Abner Doubleday commanded an all African-American regiment here in 1971. In the Fort McKavett Visitor Center, it cites Doubleday as the inventor of baseball. Oldest Son vehemently rejects this premise!

It was a beautiful, blue sky day for exploring ...
Youngest Son & Oldest Son were heads down looking for rusty artifacts which had to be returned before we left.
Oldest Son exploring Officer Quarters remains and I just like this shot.
Oldest Son on top of Fort McKavett - no surprise there. 
Oldest Son & Youngest Son peering into the soldier homes which were furnished as in the late 1800s. They are looking for the Native American Indian necklace as part of a game to "find the item." 
Oldest Son & Youngest Son sprinting to spot the single candle holder. Candy Sticks for the winners of "find the item."
Oldest Son. American Flag. Thankful.
Youngest Son is the white spec at end of wall.
Oldest Son on top of Fort McKavett - again.  
Stopped for lunch in Menard, TX - thought this was quite clever. 

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