Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My 8 Moments and counting ...

I have been inspired by Unseen Moon and his post on "7 Moments." I will follow his format in describing the periods of my life so far ...

Moment 1: Before the Accident. In May 1969, I was in a car accident with my mother and brother. My mother did not survive. Honestly, this is The Moment of my life. It changed everything. I wrote about it in 1966 and then 1969.

High Point: I had a loving family nucleus until I was 4.
Low Point: The Obvious.

Moment 2: Childhood. The years from age 4 to age 12 are like a fuzzy highlight reel of well-intentioned love and great sorrow.

High Points: My brother and I were always together. Reading my way through the school library.
Low Points: Just too many to write down ... that is for another day. 

Moment 3: Teen Years. School became my salvation.

High Points: At school I had friends, sports, clubs, yearbook, cheerleading, academic success, etc. - stereotypical overachiever hoopla. I starting working at age 15 and gained freedom with a car at age 16.
Low Point: Home life still dismal but it did not matter as much ... that is also for another day.

Moment 4: College. The glory years. On my own and glad of it.

High Point: Every minute.
Low Points: Not too much.

Moment 5: First Marriage. College sweetheart and lasted about 3 years.

High Points: Taught math two years and then completed my Master of Science in math & stats.
Low Points: Divorce. More Abandonment.

Moment 6: Four single years. Moved to Dallas and began consulting career.

High Points: Professional accolades. Hanging in Deep Ellum. Rebound relationship with fun guy who had an awesome family.
Low Points: Relationship end created More Abandonment.

Moment 7: Second Marriage Before Kids. Married my sweet and intelligent Commuter Husband.

High Points:  Read "Motherless Daughters" by Hope Edelman and spent ALLOT of time in therapy. Ran a marathon. Got Volunteer of the Year at Domestic Violence Shelter. Became Jewish.
Low Points: Not too much really.

Moment 8: Motherhood. Commuter Husband and I brought two little boys into the world.
High Points & Low Points: Still experiencing every precious Moment ...
Fleeting Moments with 5 peso Pinwheels Chasing Bubbles - Tequila, Jalisco 2008


  1. "Became" Jewish? Interesting.

    Good moment list.

    1. Became Jewish probably deserves its own post. Reform Judaism fits me me quite well - becoming you might say.

      Gracias Felipe - any praise from you is appreciated. I have great regard for your writing.