Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 29 Menu - Meat It Is!

We are in Week 29 of our Commuter Family choice.

The past 8 weeks have been particularly challenging. In addition to the usual commute between Houston & Dallas, Commuter Husband has been traveling every single week for work meetings with employees. It has been difficult for him to know which airport, which city and which bed he was in on any given day. Our Google Color Coded Calendar has kept us halfway sane.

Last week the extra job-related travel ended. (You can put that on my November Thankful List!)

So we are trying to get back to our Commuter Family Normal. Lucky for Oldest Son, Youngest Son and me, Commuter Husband did some extra cooking today. Our protein requirements for the next few days are set with Brisket Swimming in Onions, Grilled Hamburgers and Beer Can Chicken. I will admit that the cubbard was bare a few times in recent weeks but not now ...

Brisket and onions will do nicely for Monday.

Hamburgers will be Tuesday's Election Day Meal.

We cut into the Beer Can Grilled Chicken tonight and will have leftovers on Wednesday.
Commuter Husband labeled (he IS awesome) and put away for future consumption.


  1. Aww...YAY for CH not traveling extra this month!!!!

    Food sounds great :)

    Wow...Election tonight, the world is watching :)

    1. Yep - we are having an election watching gathering ... should be interesting ...