Friday, November 2, 2012

Not So Mainstream It Turns Out

Not mainstream.

The evidence is mounting. I am not a mainstream person. And by association, neither are Commuter Husband, Oldest Son and Youngest Son.

It seems that I frequently find myself in situations or with opinions very few around me share.

Consider the following ...

The Obvious: 
Commuter Husband has a job in Houston and the rest of our little family works and goes to school in Dallas. While newspaper articles and experts claim more and more families are considered a Commuter Family, I personally know zero families who have made this choice.

The Week: None of these events were high on the mainstream spectrum especially within a 5 day period ...

  • Politics - On October 16th, the boys' school held a "Civil Discourse on the Presidential Debate." Four debate coaches (one from University in NE) facilitated a screening of the Presidential Debate in an Upper School Lecture Hall. It was SO cool and Oldest Son and Youngest Son thought it was as cool as I did. I was the only parent there with a Middle School and/or Lower School student. While I did not expect a huge turn out, I was surprised to find the three of us being such oddballs.
  • Human Rights - On October 17th, I attended a documentary screening and panel discussion of "It's A Girl" sponsored by the Gendercide Awareness Project, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth and Embrey Human Rights Program of Southern Methodist University. I was thrilled that one person I knew from my Sunday morning Jewish Studies class hooked up with me there.
  • Mud - On October 20th, Commuter Husband, Oldest Son and Youngest Son participated in a 5K Mud Race. It was hilarious and we joined one other unclean family for the occasion.
  • While this was just one sample week, I find myself at stuff that very few others do. Allot.

The Liberal:
Thank goodness for my friends who tolerate me. I get more and more socially liberal every year. I mean I have really, really strong opinions about rights for women and gay/lesbian families.

Some of my not so mainstream tendencies include ...

  • Free-range child rearing philosophy - see the link on my blog sidebar for an explanation
  • Homework - No Homework for 6th grade and under; way, way less homework for 7th grade and above
  • Chores & Play - If kids do not have a zillion hours of homework then they would have time to do lots more household chores and play outside
  • AP Classes - why? go to college when in college
  • Gaming, Phones, iPads, etc. - wait as long as possible, not never just not when age 6 or 7 or ...
  • Limos - how about when they get married?
  • No organized team sports before 3rd grade. None. Zilch.
  • Better stop ... there is more of course ...

I converted from Southern Baptist to Reform Jewish. But even in my chosen Judaism, I am an outlier. Same theme, I make lots of choices that most Jews (I know) do not.

Random Life Thoughts:

  • It is not Fair. Deal and move on. Apparently, I have an over-abundance of Grit.
  • I am uncomfortable with overt recognition of any type.
  • I enjoy talking about something other than my children on occasion. This includes conversations between Commuter Husband and me.
  • I enjoy Rustic more than the Ritz.
  • New experiences energize me.
  • I want to change the world. Really. Not like a famous person but in a real way in a real community. I have just not figured out how to do it yet. At age 47, I am feeling a little mid-life pressure on this one.
I could go on and on ...


  1. You probably are not good at accepting compliments, but I am not willing to hear any rebuttals of my opinion. The only acceptable answer is thank you.

    funny thing another woman who I greatly admire converted Judaism (she was raised Humanist). Once you buck one convention, it gets easier to swim upstream.All her children are successful adults, not necessarily rich but happy and fulfilled.

    Normal is just another word for average,and who wants to be just average?