Friday, July 27, 2012

The Vulcan Brow

I spent the day, 7am-3pm, having my 2nd Mohs procedure on my forehead. This one was way more involved than the same procedure done 2 weeks ago. Today the doctor removed 3 layers of non-life threatening skin cancer versus the 1 layer for the other forehead spot. The result was a significant (to me) oval cut out of the middle, right side of my forehead. I now have another 2.5 inch incision with 30 stitches except this one is horizontal and above my right brow so ....

As I leave the doctor's office, I immediately phone Commuter Husband who is in Houston:
    Me tearfully: "Everything is okay but one eyebrow is definitely higher than the other."
    Commuter Husband encouragingly: "You will always look interested."
    Me more tearfully: "Only on one side!"
    Commuter Husband with a chuckle: "Well, like a Vulcan."
    Me: Weak Smile

So now I am in bed with Twizzlers, a soda, a US Weekly and that same Bag of Frozen Peas feeling sorry for myself for at least 24 hours. Then I will remember there are way worse things.

And the doctor did say the brow should relax down at least 80% within 2 months ...


  1. I just had this done and I have the same look. Did it relax at all????

    1. I am 1.5 weeks past now and I can see it relaxing. Honestly, with my bangs (just had them cut before all this happened) no one really notices. It is still slightly higher but I suspect at the 2 month mark it will not be really noticeable - as the doctor said. I have two pretty large scars right now across my forehead but again the bangs cover them. I am hopeful the scars will fade too. I actually have nerve damage between the incision and the scalp. Numbness and tingle to the touch (like in shower when water hits it.) Apparently this is common too. It could take up to year for nerves to repair themselves or they may not repair. Not fun!!

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