Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bag of Peas to the Rescue

FROZEN Bag of Peas
This Frozen Bag of Peas has been my companion this weekend. It is perfect for those oddly shaped areas needing the attention of an ice pack.

My Mohs procedure on Friday resulted in a 2.5 inch cut with 30 stitches down my forehead requiring ice on and off every 20 minutes for 48 hours. Unfortunately, I somehow forgot to ice it Friday. I realized my error Saturday morning while reading the bandaging directions and I  was relieved to find this Bag of Peas in our freezer.

I then teared up while placing this Bag of Peas above my left eye - how could I forget?
I had also scheduled 2 outings on Saturday that I could not possibly attend - what was I thinking?

Commuter Husband with sincere kindness reminded me that I am human & we all make mistakes ...

And, it appears I was up and about too much today (Sunday) because my eye is just now swelling.

Limitations are not something I am good at recognizing. Thank goodness my family and friends are so understanding and forgiving.

So I am pecking out this blog post with one hand as the other hand holds this Frozen Bag of Peas on my forehead. I do recall, with a naughty smile, that Commuter Husband was in need of a similar Bag of Peas after we decided Youngest Son would be the Last Son ...

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