Thursday, August 2, 2012

Toilets & Laundry

The Plunger and unclogged toilet
We are back to having two kids in the house. And we are back to adjusting. Tonight's thrilling events included.

Clogged Toilet
Flushing the toilet is not a high priority with some male members of our family. Thus, the toilet becomes clogged. Well, we are all about teaching life skills these days so under my astute supervision the following occurred:

  • Youngest Son fetched the plunger
  • Oldest Son did the plunging
  • Youngest Son did the multiple flushes required
  • Youngest Son then retrieved the Pine-Sol asking what it was for ... surprisingly Oldest Son knew the answer "To Disinfect"
  • As Pine-Sol was poured over the plunger, Youngest Son commented "Oh, THAT is why the toilet smells good!"
Lessons about tools, chemicals and ah ... poop. Valuable knowledge indeed.

Mountains of Laundry
Oldest Son was gone to camp for 24 days and he came home with all the dirty laundry, of course. Oldest Son sorted, sprayed and ran the washer while I was at work. Impressive. But Hard Stop. This was as far as the washing laundry process went for him. (Until the folding & putting away part )

So, again under my astute supervision, Oldest Son divided the laundry into what goes into the dryer and what gets to be hung dry. I  showed him how to turn on the dryer and explained why we put in a dryer sheet. The next obstacle highlighted by Oldest Son was "I cannot reach" -- meaning the bar above the dryer where wet clothes hang. With my all my wisdom, I responded "Get the stool." Oh.

From there, Oldest Son did a great job hanging his clothes to dry & putting in the next load to wash.
Wet shorts and shirts hung beautifully with aid of a step stool

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