Friday, July 13, 2012

Trade Offs

Today on a Medical Questionnaire: Do you have someone at home who can change the bandages?

Answer: No

I do not have someone because we are a Commuter Family. Many, many adults do not have someone for lots of reasons. It just felt odd and a bit sad to answer No.

In the last three of four years, I have significantly "helped" our family hit our high annual deductibles and even higher out-of-pockets of our expensive privately-paid insurance. Today, I had the first of two Mohs surgeries for basal cell carcinoma (thanks to my lily white skin peppered with freckles and a youth without sunscreen!) Previously, I have had to deal with lower back issues and a feisty gall bladder.

I am thinking Commuter Husband's job providing much appreciated corporate benefits was a good move for the next season of our life even if he is not always here to change my bandages ...

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