Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 14 Menu

I picked Youngest Son up from Jewish sleep away camp Friday morning. He had a great time (of course) but Youngest Son, Commuter Husband and I were all super happy to reunite!

And this weekend was more in line with our normal routine which means poor Commuter Husband and Youngest Son braved the heat most of the weekend getting caught up on lawn work. On a positive note though, we did have our much appreciated Sunday grill fest.  The result means Youngest Son and I will have lots of yummy food this week ...

Goldmine Lager Beer Can Chicken - so moist!
Mixed Grilled Veggies including Mexican Grey Squash
Apple Chicken Sausage (my favorite) and Hamburgers (more burgers in fridge too)
BEFORE: Marinated Asparagus Ready for Grill
AFTER: Charred Asparagus - Distracted while helping Youngest Son with Spanish - uh oh!
 We are always so grateful when Commuter Husband cooks for us!!! Youngest Son and I are on our own this week - no Oldest Son and no Afternoon Nanny - darn - no one to share all this food with (evil grin) ...

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