Friday, December 19, 2014

Granny's Gift

3rd night of Chanukah ...
Last night Oldest Son and Youngest Son received Granny's Gift. Granny passed away in September this year. When I went to close her bank account there was, surprisingly, a bit of money. What to do? Granny would have been overjoyed to give Oldest Son and Youngest Son a special gift so that is what I did. Oldest Son and Youngest Son now have an awesome, incredible, higher end ping pong table!

And I have been thinking about this gift and how truly happy Granny would have been. Then I had an epiphany. Granny's Love Language was Gifts. I have written about Love Languages before ( CLICK HERE ) When I was growing up she gave me many wonderful and significant gifts: special dolls, a car, a set of luggage, clothes, shoes, a rolex watch, my diamond wedding ring, trips and many other things.

As her monetary resources dwindled, she would often have something in hand from her house for the kids or me or Commuter Husband. Honestly, I would get impatient with her - it seemed like more clutter in a life filled with too much stuff. I simply wanted to spend quality, peaceful time with her and I did not get the "gift thing." Obviously, my Love Language is not Gifts; I scored zero in this category.  I do wish I had figured this out about Granny years ago. However, this whole realization falls into that category of regrets which is a dangerous and sad place to linger.

Youngest Son and Granny were very close. He was so caring and considerate of her. And guess what? His Love Language is Gifts also. When Youngest Son was six years old, he started taking his personal treasures and wrapping them in toilet paper to give to us on birthdays and anniversaries. On our recent trip to London, he made sure to get gifts for certain teachers and his friends. Last night, Youngest Son told me that my Chanukah gift that he is making at school will be late but that I will love it.

So perhaps my way out of regret is twofold. This one last gift from Granny to our family will give us hours and hours of happiness with family and friends; she would be so proud that she made this possible.  And I can learn from my past relationship misstep and apply this newfound understanding to accepting and showing love to my Youngest Son.


  1. Wisdom is always welcome, no matter when it arrives. Love your post.

    1. Thanks Diane ... we never stop learning that is for sure ...