Tuesday, December 16, 2014

1st Night Chanukah Smiles

The Spanish passages spill off Oldest Son's lips easily with Sr. Verde's encouragement.

The Hebrew: Shehecheyanu from Oldest Son and blessing over the candles from Youngest Son. 

The encouraging commentary from Commuter Husband via facetime.

The not so catchy tunes playing from Pandora's Chanukah station on Oldest Son's iPhone 6.

The curiosity from Sr. Verde surrounding his first time to kindle the lights.

The flickering of twelve candles: the shamash and the 1st night candle in the six Chanukiah.

The super soft touch of Youngest Son's UT blanket gift that twins the UT house shoes in size 9-10!

The sound of Oldest Son's beautiful laughter during a ping pong match with Sr. Verde.

The smell of latkes and the associated frying oil from Cindi's Deli. 

The scrumptious taste of Commuter's Husband's meatballs and gravy (that he left made for us.)

The ping of a text message from Brother wishing us "Happy Day 1 Hanakuh (sp?)"

The soothing sound of the water from the rain shower head in Youngest Son's bathroom as he prepares for bed.

Imagine by John Lennon playing way too loud from the iPhone player on the bathroom counter.

The silence of Oldest Son finishing up 9th grade homework.

The tiny tears of happiness spilling from my eyes. A simple 1st night celebration. 

Happy Chanukah ...
Youngest Son's 2014 dreidel ... we get the boys one each year. There is a connection to Youngest Son's name ... oh what could it be?

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