Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Romance Abounds

5 Love Languages ...
Today was a day of great romance for me. I felt the love beaming from Houston to Dallas; from Commuter Husband to Mommy with Commuter Husband (me.)

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 Love Languages as explained on the website:  My top Love Language is Acts of Service. Simply put, "actions speak louder than words." A Love Language defines how you typically give love to others as well as how and when you feel loved.

The romantic gesture of the day was an Act of Service that had me giddy with delight. Commuter Husband first asked for my drivers license number. Then he texted me to get the audit number on my drivers license. I was then the recipient of these dispatches from Commuter Husband:

I got this fantastic text message "Good News! You have until Sep 29 to complete Drivers Ed."

Followed by this enchanting note "I am going to sign you up for same course I took and request your driving record."

And then the chivalrous directive "Ok from now on I will handle all of your tickets! You had a $106 surcharge that I had to pay for the time you got stopped and had an expired drivers license."

Summarizing in this loving note "You are all set for course. I will have to check back next week to make sure the delinquent charge gets cleared and print out clean drivers history report. Luv ya :)"

Concluding with this passionate communiqué "Look at it this way ... you are WANTED in so many ways."

Background: I currently have a speeding ticket that I have been stressing on for over a week. I have not had time to locate the paper work and I thought I had missed the defensive driving option window. Thus I was sure I had a warrant out for my arrest. I could not even remember exactly which city I received the ticket (it was Farmer's Branch according to Commuter Husband's research.) And obviously, I did have another unknown and neglected item lurking on my driving record - uh oh.

My responses to all of these poetic texts from Commuter Husband were words of love, love, love and more love. His main Love Language is Words of Affirmation. Ha! We are the ideal married couple today.

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