Wednesday, December 24, 2014

8th Night in Fort Knox

Shortly after midnight, we arrived at Fort Knox, Kentucky for the first time. Brother and Nieces waited up for us while Nephew was running a fever in his attic bedroom. We unloaded our belongings and holiday gifts into this different house but exceedingly familiar contents. I could feel my late sister-in-law everywhere. Heavy heart was exactly the right description for my grief manifesting itself both physically and emotionally.

Then today began. Oatmeal and coffee was delivered to me by my sweet Commuter Husband while I finished a conference call. By late morning, we were out the door to make the trek to Mammoth Cave. We enjoyed our outing together but the cave itself was disappointing (hard to beat NM Carlsbad Caverns and TX Sonoma Caves spelunking.)

And then the 8th Night of Chanukah arrives! And the eve of Christmas Eve!
Tonight's gifts were worth every penny! Who does not love footie PJs?
Our 8th night reflected many of the traditional happenings: Commuter Husband frying latkes, Brother laying out the meats for dinner, kids playing dreidels and me reading the Chanukah story.
A double frying method employed by Commuter Husband. He first cooks in the skillet and then drops into pan for a deep fry crunch. They were great served with apple sauce and sour cream! 
Niece #1 was a mighty dreidel spinner. Niece #2 was concerned about losing her gelt! 
We kindled very special lights tonight. The five Chanukiah we transported included the unique and artsy black iron one given to us many years ago by my brother's late wife. We also lit the Advent Wreath candles given this year to my brother's family by the wise and caring Aunt D in Waco. Aunt D is my late sister-in-law's sister.  What a lovely way to respect our interfaith families and introduce a new tradition ...
Shimmering lights of the Christmas Tree, the Chanukah candles and the Advent Wreath.
We are a colorful crew this year! And we are Together. 

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