Saturday, June 28, 2014

3 for 3

Youngest Son killed tonight. With Oldest Son out for the evening, Commuter Husband, Youngest Son and I hit the game closet.

Game #1: Beat the Parents
Beat the Parents is a question and answer game where you move forward with each question answered correctly. There are different kinds of questions for the kids and the parents, of course. Youngest Son trounced us and indeed Beat the Parents.

Playing Beat the Parents on the bed in our bedroom since all other rooms are out of commission due to remodel - not ideal but comfortable.
Game #2: Stratego
Commuter Husband went one and one with Youngest Son. Once again Youngest Son came up victorious. I asked Youngest Son how he beat Daddy in Stratego and he confidently replied "I'm just better than him." True.
Stratego placed strategically in game closet - ha!
Game #3 Clue
Now this is My Game. I have been playing Clue since I was Youngest Son's age (yes I played 37 years ago!) We carefully gathered our clues. I had it narrowed down to two in each category. I was afraid Youngest Son might have the mystery solved. I took a chance and preempted him by declaring "Mrs. Peacock with the Rope in the Study." Darn it - it was Professor Plum. Within two turns, Youngest Son won. Again.
Youngest Son moving Mr. Green towards the Conservatory. Youngest Son approaches each turn with dramatic flair and an occasional accent as well!
Needless to say, Youngest Son was smiling like a Cheshire cat with his 3 for 3 win record tonight. Note we are way too competitive in this house to throw any games his way thus all his fair and square. Well played.


  1. You never really had a chance.

    1. Ain't that the truth. Notice the bath robe? Favorite piece of clothing - wears it every single day - insisted on taking it on the Disney Cruise!